Project „Integration of healthy lifestyle topic to schools education agenda“

Project „Integration of healthy lifestyle topic to schools education agenda“

The programme is established to promote and strengthen cooperation, exchange of knowledge and networks between public administration structures on all administrative levels in the NB8 countries (Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway and Sweden). The overall goal is to increase the global competitive power of the region.

The aim is  to learn good experience of hosting institution on integration of healthy lifestyle and nutrition to school curricula, as well as healthy feeding of schoolchildren.

Expected results of the project:

• promoted knowledge transfer for mutual benefit within different sector areas on all
administrative levels;
• promoted experience exchange on best practices in respect of public administration and
facilitation of harmonisation of standards;
• promoted cross-sectoral cooperation;
• promoted capacity building within local and regional authorities;
• participants will be able to apply the acquired knowledge and practice in the educational
institutions (schools) of the municipality they represent;
• changing participants attitudes (broader thinking);
• promoted and strengthened cooperation between institutions.

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Last update: 30-11-2020