Implemented projects

Project “Create4Compete – Creativity for SME Competencies and Competitiveness” (2012 – 2014).

The project is funded under the Lithuanian, Polish and Russian Cross Border Cooperation Program 2007-2013.

The main idea of the project is to promote the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and cross-border cooperation of SME support structures in Marijampolė, Kaunas regions (Lithuania) and Kaliningrad region (Russian Federation).

The specific objectives of the project include strengthening business support organizations, increasing competitiveness and business, and promoting cooperation between SMEs in the project area.

To achieve these objectives, the project will carry out the following activities:

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Digital Baltic Countries – Promoting Digital Innovation in Public Sector Information (January – December 2014)

Project applicant: Varmland County Administrative Board (Sweden).

Project main partners:

The aim of the project is to stimulate digital innovation in public sector information from a community perspective and to make the Baltic Sea region a leader in the development of a single digital European market.

The main results of the project:

Youth Entrepreneurship Encouragement in Kaunas and Minsk regions project – YEE! (2011 – 2012)

The project is funded by the European Neighborhood and Partnership Instrument Latvia, Lithuania and Belarus Cross Border Cooperation Program.

The project is implemented by the Kaunas Regional Development Agency, the partner of the project is the Belarusian youth organization Азбука предпринимательства.

The main goal of the project is to increase the entrepreneurship level of young people in Kaunas and Minsk regions and to promote cooperation. The project aims to reduce the number of young emigrants and youth unemployment by encouraging young people to start their own business.

Target group of the project:

Main project activity groups:

Regional Creative Growth Project (2010 – 2011)

Kaunas Regional Development Agency has been actively involved in the implementation of the project Creative Growth supported by the INTERREG IVC program. The project was taken over from the Kaunas County Governor’s Office, since July 2010 this authority has been wound up. 11 project partners from different regions of the European Union (Bulgaria, Denmark, Spain, Italy, Lithuania, Romania, Scotland, Sweden and Hungary) joined forces to share their experience and knowledge on how to transform the creative sector into a business sector. The lead partner of the project is the Ostam Regional Development Council of Sweden.

Project partners, through joint international seminars, workshops, share experiences and jointly explore the best ways and models for CI development, cluster development, creative business support, and thus creating a European network of creative regions.

The project prepared the analysis of creative industries of Kaunas region – the first such attempt to investigate and evaluate the potential of CI in Kaunas region. The project also provides for the preparation of a CI cluster development feasibility study in the Kaunas Region, a regional action plan on how CI in the Kaunas Region should be promoted.

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Start Business in Kaunas District (2010)

Kaunas Regional Development Agency has signed a financing agreement with the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania and Lithuanian Business Support Agency for the project “Start a Business in Kaunas District”.

Databases of Regional Projects of Public Administrations of Kaunas County (2006-2010)

The Kaunas Regional Development Agency, in cooperation with the employees of Kaunas County Municipal Administrations and Kaunas Governor’s Administration, prepared the project database of Kaunas County Public Administration Institutions and implemented and updated it.

INVEST – Attracting Investments and Serving Potential Investors (2007-2010)

The aim of the project is to provide potential investors with information about business, socio-economic environment, potential investment objects and potential partners in Kaunas Region. During the implementation of the activities of this project, the database of investment objects of Kaunas region created in 2006 was updated. Information on objects in Lithuanian and English is available at

Strengthening Kaunas County Public Administration Cooperation with Rogaland County by Sharing Experience in Cultural Heritage Conservation and E-Democracy Development (2010)

Vaizdo rezultatas pagal užklausą „norway grants“



Partners: Kaunas District Municipality Administration (Lithuania),Rogaland County Council (Norway).

Problems solved:

  1. The problem of preservation of cultural heritage in Kaunas region is how to successfully and efficiently preserve, utilize and / or adapt to the needs of tourism abundant resources of cultural heritage, how to attract small and medium business to these processes.
  2. The problem of the development of e-Democracy in Kaunas region is how to successfully and efficiently implement e-democracy processes in order to react promptly to the rapid development of the process, its multiplicity, its ambiguity and its predictability, to improve the quality of public service delivery.

The aim is to strengthen cooperation between Kaunas County public administration institutions and Rogaland County in sharing experience in preserving cultural heritage and developing e-democracy.

Public Education and Information Project on Taxable Product and Packaging Waste Management in Kaunas County (2008-2009)

The Kaunas Regional Development Agency implemented an ecological education project aimed at informing residents of Kaunas County about the prevention of taxable products (tires, batteries, internal combustion engine fuels, lubricants, intake air filters, automotive hydraulic (oil) dampers) and packaging waste, sorting and recycling and their importance in protecting the environment from harmful effects. During the project, large outdoor posters with information on waste sorting capabilities and usefulness were posted throughout Kaunas County. Information about sorted waste can be recycled and reused, thus demonstrating the environment, being displayed on outdoor video screens in Kaunas County. General information about waste collection sites where people can ship various construction and bulky waste for free is available on the website of Kaunas County Governor’s Administration. Seminars on “Sorting waste – useful” were held in schools. During the workshops, leaflets with information on waste sorting are distributed.

Improvement of Competence of Employees of Kaunas County Public Administration Institutions / KAVAKompeT (2006-2008)

Public institution Kaunas Regional Development Agency prepared the project and with the support was responsible for the project implementation. Project partners: Kaunas County Governor’s Administration, Kaunas County Municipalities (Birštonas, Kaunas City, Jonava, Kaišiadorys, Kėdainiai, Raseiniai, Prienai) municipalities and Kaunas Regional Development Agency. The main goal of the project is to improve the human resources of Kaunas county state and municipal institutions and institutions by increasing the qualification, knowledge and skills of the employees.

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Administration of project implementation of VIA BALTICA motorway to the city center and industrial areas by M.K.Ciurlionis Bridge (2005-2008)

The agency provided a project administration service. Activities included the preparation and submission of progress reports and payment requests to the TID, coordination with the Fund, preparation of procurement documentation and other project implementation issues.

Promotion of Environmentally Friendly Procurement in Kaunas Region (2006-2008)

The project is aimed at administrative staff of municipalities and public contracting authorities; “business group” means companies submitting tenders for public procurement; society. During the implementation of the project an information-educational material was prepared providing information on how to implement and evaluate environmental criteria in public procurement in accordance with the methodology of the Green Public Procurement Implementation Program prepared by the Ministry of Environment, EU practice and legislation, material, environmental consumer information publications.

In the course of the project, eco-education campaigns “Green Stack” were organized, during which information leaflets were distributed and information leaflets issued by other organizations were distributed.

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Computer literacy development of economically active population in Kaunas region (2006-2007)

The project was implemented under the measure “Development of labor force competences and adaptability to change” of the Lithuanian Single Programming Document for 2004-2006 and aimed at the residents of Kaunas County rural areas in order to develop their computer literacy, human resources and their integration into the labor market. to create preconditions for the development of alternative business in rural areas.

Computer literacy courses were held in 7 Kaunas county municipalities: Birštonas, Kaišiadorys, Kėdainiai, Kaunas district, Jonava, Prienai, Raseiniai. During the project, 1000 residents of Kaunas County attended computer literacy courses. The project was implemented by the Kaunas County Governor’s Office, the project was administered by the Kaunas Regional Development Agency, which supervised the progress of the project, prepared reports and presented them to the Steering Group, monitored and evaluated the project progress, financial management, accounting and financial management reports.

More information about the project:

Administering the Implementation of Skills Development and the Adaptation to Change of Social Support Providers (2006-2007)

Project of Kaunas City Municipality Administration supported by Lithuanian SPD 2.2. implementation of the measure under the winning project administration and implementation services contract (total budget: LTL 830,464).

Lithuanian Health Project in Kaunas County (2005)

The project was funded by the World Bank. During the implementation of the project 5 programs were implemented: Health Education and Primary Prevention Program; PSPC Development Program; Hospital Restructuring Program; Community Mental Health Development Program; Ambulance Services Development Program.

During the implementation of the project, more than LTL 5.0 million was invested in the renovation of health care facilities and equipment in Kaunas County. USD.

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