Systematization of information received through information channels.

Project formation of economic operators’ for local authorities.

Generation of proposals for attracting purposive investments from Kaunas regional authorities.

Preparation of integrated information reviews of Kaunas region.

Overview of project, study and research results.

Project management

Preparation of investment projects.

Finding Partners for Projects.

Finding financial sources for projects.

Preparation of project funding applications.

Preparation of regional development documents.

Preparation of a regional development plan.


Consultancy of the preparation of investment projects.

Consultations in preparation of project funding applications.

Consultation in preparation of regional development documents.

Consulting in finding project partners and funding sources.


Preparation of training modules on regional development issues.

Organization of training seminars.

Organization of direct training in municipal institutions.


Organization of conferences and seminars on regional development issues.

Organization of exhibitions.

Organization of discussion clubs.Konferencijų ir seminarų regioninės plėtros klausimais organizavimas.

Last update: 25-02-2020