Regional projects

Membership of Kaunas region in World Health Organization (WHO) network “Helthy regions”

Kaunas Regional Development Agency implementing the 2013 the action plan for 2013 In June 2006, Kaunas region joined the World Health Organization (WHO) Healthy Regions network. Founded in 1992, this network has been supporting regional health policy development for over 20 years.

The Europe 2020 Health Program describes the challenges facing regions and countries across Europe and ways to address them.

The World Health Organization was established in 1948.

The United Nations, the largest international health organization, was set up in 1997.

Its main goal is to achieve the highest level of health in all countries.
WHO overall strategy:
Reduce morbidity and mortality, especially of the poor and disadvantaged;
Tackle major disease risk factors
Strengthen health systems
Make health promotion a key objective of national development.

WHO overall strategy:

Last update: 16-10-2020