About us

Kaunas Regional Development Agency is a non-profit public body, acting under the Law of public establishments.

The Agency was founded on 7th, December 2000.


Our mission is to organize activities for sustainable and balanced development of Kaunas region, linked to the National and European Commission regional development policy.


Our vision is to become an institution, which consolidates and coordinates activities of scientific, technical-technological, creative, innovative, enterpreneurial potential and local governmental institutions of Kaunas region, implementing National Regional Development Policy and stimulating sustainable and balanced development of Kaunas region.


To be active in formulating and implementing National regional development policy, to promote sustainable and balanced development of Kaunas region.

To support implementation of technological and social innovations.
To motivate cooperation between private initiatives and local authorities.
To encourage local and foreign investments in Kaunas region, shape favourable, thorough and efficient image of the Region‘s development.
To stimulate local and international interregional cooperation, to participate in social and economical problems solution and development processes of Kaunas region.


Preparation, implementation and administration of projects.

Preparation of regional strategic development documents.
Consulting on project preparation and management; issues of public procurement; searching for funding sources.
Organization and pursuit of qualification trainings for public institutions and private companies.
Last update: 16-20-2020