Amazing for relaxation

Kaunas region is full of green oases and water bodies, so it is no wonder that the natural potential of tourism in Kaunas region is the strongest one. Indescribably beautiful forests, well-maintained parks, rivers and lakes with beaches, neat hills that allow enjoying the view around and unique natural monuments will astonish everyone.

People of the region or other Lithuanians, as well as foreign quests have an opportunity to choose their most favourite and satisfying form of leisure: adventure-seekers can try various water, land and air amusements, while the little ones can try various educational programmes, sightseeing trips and fun activities cherishing local traditions


Kaunas region is the best place for relaxation. None tropical resort will ever replace the feeling of bare feet and the smell of morning dew on the grass, clear aroma of trees, the freshness of the lake and a sweet straw in your mouth!