Project „Development of Forest trail in Latvia and Lithuania and expanding the Baltic Coastal Hiking route in Lithuania“ (Hiking project), LLI-448

Total budget – 788 104.45 EUR

ERDF (Euopean Regional Development funds) – 669 888.76 EUR

Total co-financing – 118 215.69 EUR

Project duration – 24 months

Start date – 01.06.2020

End date – 31.05.2022

The project addresses the challenge defined by the Programme – sustainable preservation, promotion and development of natural and cultural heritage objects, services and products. In this context the project partners have identified the following challenges in the Programme area:

1. Underused potential to increase numbers of hiking tourists.

2. Lack of large-scale, professionally designed and sustainable tourism products to attract visitors to rural areas.

3. Underused potential of nature heritage in tourism.

4. Underused potential of cooperation between stakeholders for development, maintenance and marketing of tourism products.

The project takes a cross boarder approach to fulfil the ambition to create good quality long distance hiking trails and integrate them in existing trail network. Local stakeholder involvement along the trail route is the key principle to ensure local acceptance, sense of ownership and sustainability.