Convenient for working

Kaunas region is strategically convenient not only in Lithuania itself, but in Europe as well. It is located at the crossroads of the most important international highways. In addition, Kaunas International Airport connects Lithuania with the most advanced countries in the world and provides international cooperation possibilities. Local as well as international business companies are successfully operating in the region.

Short distances between home and the workplace play an important role as well. Good infrastructure of public and intercity transportation and the development of bicycle path network and perfect for reaching the majority of destinations by bike.

A convenient geographical location, the Free Economic Zones of Kaunas and Kėdainiai, Kaunas Public Logistics Centre, qualified specialists and their experience, fast development of science and technologies, a multitude of enterprises competing at the international level, the main junction of transport and river arteries and the advantage of the international airport attract foreign investors from Denmark, Great Britain, Estonia, the USA, Norway, Finland, Germany and elsewhere. Kaunas is the second largest region by the amount of direct foreign investments in the country.

You can arrive in Kaunas by all possible means of transport: land, rail, water and air. The international airport in outer Kaunas ranks first in the Baltic States by the total amount of cargo handled. From here, transit cargos are shipped to various directions by all means of transport. In Kaunas County the main national and major European motorways (the Via Baltica among others) and railway lines (the I and IX trans-European transport corridors) intersect. Passenger travel and cargo shipping is also possible by water in Kaunas County: from Kaunas river port up to the Klaipėda Seaport.

Therefore, Kaunas region is convenient for working, where everyone can freely choose their career path!